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I was VERY excited to be chosen as one of the “10 Instagram Accounts Homeschoolers Should Follow” by Alpha Omega Publishing.  Thank you very much for this honor!  Check out the list here.

This is the Website for the Youtube Channel “Bringing Smart Back

How To Use The Website:

To find links and activities for each episode: hover over the “Lesson Plans” tab on bar above and select the lesson you’re looking for.

For links to all Episodes and the Youtube Channel: Click the “Videos” tab on bar above.

  For more B.S.B activities and weekly blog like writing: click the “Random Writings
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For Pictures submitted to BSB: click the “Gallery
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For information about B.S.B: Click the “About B.S.B” tab on bar above.

For activities that go along with our Instagram post: Click “Instagram Extras” tab on bar above.

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How to Use Bringing Smart Back In Your School Curriculum:

Bringing Smart Back can be used as a class for any age student.

With additional links to worksheets, activities and crafts that go along with each episode to reinforce the material learned in the 3-8 minute video.

What is “Instagram Extras”:

Instagram Extras are fun activities, worksheets or experiments that goes along with our Instagram post.
What is “Random Writings”:

Random Writings is a  mini blog post that includes other fun crafts and activities that do not go along with any of the episodes.


For Links and Recourses:

Visit our Pinterest www.pinterest.com/bringingsmart

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