Seasons Change..

As much as I love Fall, the transition from Summer to Fall can be hard.

During the first few transitional weeks, coughs and sniffles abound. During this period it feels unseasonably cold, a bone cold that blankets can’t subside and I’m thankful for the ability to curl up on the couch with my puppy, a steaming cup of tea and, of course, my mix-match fuzzy socks.

Another hard Fall transition are outfits. Here, in the south it seems to go from high 80s one day, to mid 60s the next. Which means, I go from cute sundress one Sunday to a long sweater and leggings the next. The saddest thing is that I look in my closet and see all of the adorable summer dress and shirts that I didn’t wear this year. Poor things that hung in the back for the closet all season and now will not get another chance to be worn until next year.

But there are amazing things about this transition and one of them is the color change!
The changing colors are everywhere and they give you a little glimpse of the beautiful and colorful season to come!

This week I have three fun Fall activities:

  1.  This Apple stamping activity from
    You can click the link for instructions.
  2. This is a fun Fall scavenger hunt I got from
    Click THIS link for a free printable.
    Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.59.14 PM
  3. Nothing says Fall like a colorful leaf bunting craft!
    I got this craft from you can click that link for instructions.
    I watched this awesome and kid friendly video about why we have seasons and I loved it and thought it would go along with this week really well.
    Click this link for the SciShow Kids video.

    With every new season there are new memories to be made.


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